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Southerness Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1748

Current Lighthouse Built: 1748

Height: 10 Metres (32.81 Feet)

Operator: Lighthouse Leisure Caravan Park

Designer: Robert Stevenson

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Southerness Lighthouse, near dumfrees was built in 1749 by Dumfries Town Council, making it one of Scotland's oldest major aids to navigation, although it was originally unlit and was not able to be used as an aid to navigation until major alterations were made throughout the following 50 or-so years, eventually resulting in the tower being turned into a Lighthouse.

When the Light was built, the Northern Lighthouse Board declined ownership of the Lighthouse and did not feel they required it, so the Lighthouse has always remained in Private Ownership and does not display any Northern Lighthouse Board characteristics.

The 10 metre high, white painted tower has been altered several times since its original construction, but is thought to have aquired its current appearance in around 1812, having been re-designed by Robert Stevenson, including heightening work and the unusually shaped quadrant shaped lanern.

The light fell into disuse between 1867 and 1894 but was relit again, marking passage into the river River Esk until 1933.

Strangely enough, only the frame of the Bi-Formal Fresnel Lenses remains in the tower, and the glass has been removed.

Occasionally the tower is opened to the public, although due to health and safety concerns, the gallery is closed. Today it is operated by the Lighthouse Leisure Caravan Park.


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