Worldwide Lighthouses

Sandaig Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1910

Current Lighthouse Built: 1910

Height: 8 Metres (26.25 Feet)

Operator: Glenelg Ferry

Designer: Charles Stevenson

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Sandaig Lighthouse was built in 1910 by Charles Stevenson for the Northern Lighthouse Board and followed a standardised prefabricated design, commonly used in the most remote areas of Scotland.

The light was built to be semi-automatic, only requiring refuelling and minimal maintenance. Lights of this design often had fixed lenses with light sources that would flash, rather than using a fixed light with a rotating lens; this set-up required less moving parts, meaning less maintenance was required and the character of the light would be less liable to fault in unsupervised operation.

In 2002 it was felt that the tower was in need of replacement and the Light was removed. The tower was restored and moved to the community-owned Glenelg Ferry Terminal; the home of the UK's only turntable ferry, which still operates a service to the Isle of Skye, despite the construction of the Skye Bridge.