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Peterhead South Breakwater Lighthouse

Peterhead South Breakwater

General Information

Established: 1906

Current Lighthouse Built: 1906

Height: 17 Metres (55.77 Feet)

Operator: Peterhead Port Authority

Light Information

Red: 7 Nautical Miles

Peterhead harbour is one of the busiest harbours on its stretch of coast and is a major location for the mooring and deployment of servicing vessels that deal with the offshore north-sea oil rigs.

The harbour approach is marked by the large lighthouse operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board, which stands within sight of the town, at nearby Buchan Ness. The simple prefabricated tower that stands on the town's South breakwater was built in 1906 and was most likely manufactured by Chance Brothers of Birmingham, in England; a large supplier to the Lighthouse Services.

The Lighthouse would originally have looked almost identical to the fully Intact Lighthouse at Dover in the south of England, but has had its original lantern removed at some point, to be replaced by a metal platform with a second railed-gallery, supporting a simple solar powered LED light.

The current light flashes twice every 12 seconds, giving a red light visible for 7 nautical miles.

The green light on the very similar North Pier, just opposite, is a simple self-contained LED unit mounted on a tall white mast. The top of the mast has two gongs which chime separate notes; this serves as a fog signal for the harbour entrance.