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Inch Garvie Lighthouse

Inch Garvie

General Information

Established: 1886

Current Lighthouse Built: 1886

Height: 10 Metres (32.81 Feet)

Operator: Forth Ports PLC

Designer: David Alan Stevenson

Light Information

White: 11 Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (365°)

Inch Garvie is a hazardous rock in the middle of the Firth of Forth on which one of the supports of the gigantic canteliever Forth Rail Bridge stands.

The unique tower was built in 1886 (4 years prior to the completion of the Bridge which towers over it) consists of a simplistic black painted skeletal tower with a central weight-column, white painted lantern and gallery along with a service building; all of which stands on a tiny brick foundation.

The lantern, which is of uncommon design (but certainly designed by one of the Stevenson family) indicates that the Light was originally built or owned by the Northern Lighthouse Board and strongly suggests that the tower was built by David Alan Stevenson, who was the only one of the Stevenson family to use this style of lantern on any other lighthouse. The design, which only involves one layer of tessellated triangles also features on the lantern designs of Rattray Head and the Fair Isle Lighthouses; all of which were designed by David Alan.

The lantern nowadays contains a basic lighting set-up, involving an electrically powered flashing lamp contained in a plastic Fresnel lens casing; this has done away with the need for weights to rotate lighting apparatus and the need for a fuel source in the next-door building, which has now fallen derelict.

Today the Lighthouse continues to operate, giving a white light with the character of 2 seconds on and 3 seconds off. The light beam, which is powered by a bank of solar panels, can be seen for up to 11 nautical miles.