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Hoxa Head Lighthouse

Hoxa Head

General Information

Established: 1901

Current Lighthouse Built: 1901

Operator: Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

Designer: David Alan Stevenson

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Hoxa Head is a headland overlooking Scapa Flow, which is best known for having once been home to the British Grand Fleet, during WWII, despite being unfortified against the Germans.

A lighthouse was built here in 1901 to a standard and simple design, drawn up by David Alan Stevenson, who was at the time, the chief engineer to the Northern Lighthouse Board.

The light shone a white light, although we do not know its original character.

The whole lighthouse was removed in 1996, when it was replaced by yet a simpler and more standard design of aluminium non-corroding tower, used all over the more remote light stations of Scotland. The tower was dismantled and was sent to the Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh, along with its original lens, for display inside the museum building.

The base of the tower provides information about the design of the tower and history of its original location. The nature of the low-roofed room it is inside makes it difficult to photograph.