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Granton Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1884

Current Lighthouse Built: 1884

Height: 15 Metres (49.21 Feet)

Operator: Waterfront Edinburgh

Light Information

Granton Lighthouse was built in 1884 by the Northern Lighthouse Board, who used the mock-up light to train Lighthouse Keepers, maintain and repair machinery as well as test lighting apparatus. The 15 metre high square tower is unpainted. At the top of the tower it tapers into a cylindrical shape, on which a standard Hectical Lantern is supported.

Being some distance from the riverfront, the Light was never actively used as an aid to navigation.

The depot site was sold in 2002 to a Music and TV studio, which was presumably unsuccessful, as in 2005, the site became involved in the idea of a waterfront redevelopment of the Granton area. The Lighthouse was planned for use as a conference center and the Lighthouse Studios were told to leave the site by May 2007.

Plans for the Granton reevelopment scheme are now focused on using the Lighthouse as a central focus point with the possibility of using the buildings as a Hotel Site.