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Beamer Rock Lighthouse

Beamer Rock

General Information

Established: 1826

Current Lighthouse Built: 1826

Height: 6 Metres (19.69 Feet)

Operator: Forth Ports PLC

Light Information

White: 9 Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (365°)

The current tower on Beamer Rock (Originally spelt 'Bimar Rock') was built in 1826 on a small rocky hazard in the Firth of Forth.

The 6 metre high tower was presumably intended as just a daymark at first, as it was not big enough to house a keeper nor was automatic technology developed by that point.

The tower's curved wave-washed design helped to deflect waves and keep the tower strong; an idea which had recently been developed and had possibly only been used twice before; on the Eddystone and Bell Rock Lighthouses - still something of an engineering achievement.

A light was only established on the tower in 1892; this was a fixed white light which was probably enclosed in some kind of lantern or buoy-light casing. The light was exhibited using LED aparatus and gave a flashing white light every 3 seconds, visible for 9 nautical miles.

The tower was disassembled over 2011 to make way for the new Forth replacement crossing, which is needed as the current bridge has encountered structural defects which could in the worse case scenario result in it's closure as early as 2020.

In its later years the light was painted white with the top half painted with a red band. A small concrete hut on the rock, which possibly contained acetlyene gas or a source of power generation when the light was first installed, was demolished rather than dismantled although remained on the rock for several months after the tower's removal.

The lighthouse, which is now in pieces is in temporary storage whilst a new site for the historic structure is found, where it can be re-assembled and displayed.