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Balaclava Pier Lighthouse

Balaclava Pier

General Information

Established: 1882

Current Lighthouse Built: 1882

Height: 21 Metres (68.9 Feet)

Operator: Fraserburgh Harbour Commission

Light Information

Green: Nautical Miles

The busy fishing harbour of Fraserburgh boasts a large fishing fleet and therefore a reasonably sized harbour, protected by a short breakwater.

The breakwater seen today has been redesigned since its original construction and gained its current length between 1807 and 1812 and is known as Balaclava Pier. To mark Balaclava Pier, a 21 metre high Lighthouse was built by the Northern Lighthouse Board in 1882; it consists of a simple tapered tower which is wave-washed to deflect waves that hit it. Just above the tower's door is the NLBs insignia; an image of the Bell Rock Lighthouse in an otherwise blue-painted crest.

At the top of the tower is a small lantern room with a domed roof, which is painted black: this shows a green light that gives off two green flashes every 8 seconds.

The tower, which is painted mostly white, has a narrow red band about half way up and it also hosts a Fog siren that gives a blast every 20 seconds, but only when a vessel is expected to enter the harbour.