Worldwide Lighthouses

Anstruther Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1880

Current Lighthouse Built: 1880

Height: 9 Metres (29.53 Feet)

Operator: Forth Ports PLC

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Anstruther is a small village on the North bank of the Firth of Forth, which originally boasted a large fishing fleet, however; more recently it's fishing industry has declined, leaving the town to redevelop itself into a popular holiday destination.

The pier was built in 1880 and was dedicated to Dr Thomas Chalmers; a local scientist who studied at St. Andrew university, from the age of just 12 years old.

The octagonal Lighthouse seen today was built to mark the end of the breakwater and stands 9 metres high. Most of the tower is painted White, whilst the service room below the unusually small lantern is painted black.

A light is no longer shown from the tower, although it still operates a nautophone fog signal, housed in one of the window holes around the top of the tower.

A new light was established in front of the Lighthouse, consisting of a plain unpainted metal pole, with two LED units, one above another (separated by roughly a metre or two).

The reason for the original tower falling into disuse is not known, nor is the date on which it was replaced, although a decorative white light is still shown from it's lantern.