Worldwide Lighthouses

Sgeir Ghlas Lighthouse

Sgeir Ghlas

General Information

Height: 5.5 Metres (18.04 Feet)

Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board

Light Information

White: 9 Nautical Miles

Red: 6 Nautical Miles

Green: 6 Nautical Miles

The small lighthouse on Sgeir Ghlas, near scalpay on the Isle of Harris was most likely built in the late 1800s to the early 1900s by one of the Stevenson Family, for the Northern Lighthouse Board. The structure consists of a stand-alone octagonal shaped concrete tower, which is painted white with a red roof, although the roof was originally painted white too.

Inside the lantern is a Acrylic fresnel lens, similar to those used on larger lighthouses as a backup-light; this is used as the main light source and gives a flash lasting 2 seconds, followed by a period of darkness with the same duration.

The light is mostly white but in some areas is covered by coloured shades giving red and green sectors with the same character; originally this would most probably have been powered by gas such as Acetylene, but is now powered by Solar Panels mounted on the side of the structure.

The Lighthouse can be seen distantly from the road between Tarbert and Scalpay, and very closely from the Caladonean McBrayne ferries between Tarbert and Uig. The light was built to be automatic is remotely controlled by the Northern Lighthouse Board.