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Sgeir Bhuidhe (New) Lighthouse

Sgeir Bhuidhe (New)

General Information

Established: 1903

Current Lighthouse Built: 2002

Automated: 2002

Electrified: 2002

Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board

Light Information

White: 9 Nautical Miles

Red (Shuna Island): 6 Nautical Miles

Sgeir Bhuidhe - translating to "Yellow Skerry" in English - is a small rocky outcrop, just off of the coast of Port Appin; a small village, located just off of the A828, between Loch Creran and North Connel, across from Lismore Island.

Sgier Bhuide's first lighthouse was built in 1903, to a design by David Alan Stevenson, and was powered by Acetylene.

The original tower was a 7 metre high structure, consisting of a brick base, iron Acetylene tank and Lantern, with a gallery that surrounded it. When this light was first established, it exhibited a white light with a red sector over Shuna Island and the gave a flash every 6 seconds.

In 2002, The Northern Lighthouse Board dismantled the old lighthouse and replaced it with this lighthouse, which is built out of fiberglass. As a result of this tower using fiberglass in it's construction, it requires much less maintainance than the older tower, which would have needed regular repainting to avoid corrosion.

This new tower also replaced the old tower's need for refueling, as it is powered by solar electricity, generated by Solar Panels that are mounted on the tower's gallery.

Originally, the NLB intended to replace the old light with a simple square-based steel tower with white aluminium panels, much like many of Scotland's newer lighthouses, although an anti demolition protest that resulted in the old lighthouse being painted pink with yellow spots, like Children's TV Character "Mr Blobby" with a sad face, prompted the NLB to change their plans and replace the tower with a more subtle and traditional design.

The lantern of the old lighthouses was donated to the Museum of Scottish lighthouses, who then restored the lantern and loaned it to the village of Port Appin, to ensure it's preservation.


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