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Neist Point Lighthouse

Neist Point

General Information

Established: 1909

Current Lighthouse Built: 1909

Height: 19 Metres (62.34 Feet)

Automated: 1990

Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board

Designer: David Alan Stevenson

Light Information

White: 16 Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

Neist Point Lighthouse was built on the spectacular cliffs on the south of the Isle of Skye's coastline in 1909, overlooking the waters between Skye and the Outer Hebredian Islands.

The complex was designed by David Alan Stevenson and consists of several white painted, flat-roofed keepers houses, with a seperated 19 meter high tower.

Included in the design of the station was a NLB Fog Siren, built to a standard design, however this was completed during the year after the Lighthouse entered service.

The fairly remote lighthouse is reached by a steep winding path, which runs down the side of a sheer cliff; to combat this issue of accessibility, a cable car system was built to bring supplies up and down the cliff face; this remains but looks to be in an unsafe and unusable condition.

Another path to the lighthouse leads to a small stone-built landing stage, sheltered by the headland; this is where Northern Lighthouse Board relief vessels would have docked to relief the keeper's and deliver suplies such as fuel.

The Light was automated in 1990 and the Lighthouse Keepers were withdrawn that year; since then the associated buildings were sold off and converted into holiday accomodation, but it is obvious that this has since been abandoned, probably oweing to the remoteness, allowing for the buildings to fall into a poor state. The NLB now only own the tower and the small service building at it's base.

The lenses and parts of the lighting aparatus were removed from the Lighthouse following its automation and were donated to the Northern Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh, where they are on display.

Nowadays the Light utilises a compact arangement of lamps in a Sealed Beam Unit to produce the character of one White Flash every 5 seconds, visible for 16 Nautical Miles.

The operation of the Lighthouse is controlled and monitored from the NLB headquarters in Edinburgh.


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