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Lady's Rock Lighthouse

Lady's Rock

General Information

Height: 12 Metres (39.37 Feet)

Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

Lady's rock lighthouse is a small navigational beacon that is situated in the Sound of Mull between Lismore lighthouse and the Isle of Mull, near Craignure.

Not much information is available on this light, although it was likely built in 1892 to a design by David Alan Stevenson and Charles Stevenson, along with the lights at Dunollie and Kylerhea.

The tower is built mostly of stone, and probably had an octagonal lantern to start with, although this has been replaced by one of the NLB's standard steel and aluminium towers, clad in red aluminium panels.

A ladder runs the height of the tower's exterior, to the platform on top, from which an LED lamp is exhibited, giving a single white flash every 6 seconds. Solar panels mounted on the modern part of the tower power the light.

The rock gets it's name from an incident that occurred in the 1500s, where Lachlan Maclean of Duart, living at the nearby Duart castle, stranded his wife, lady Catherine, on the rock. The following day, seeing no sign of life, he made arrangements for her burial, although, Much to his surprise, she was saved by a local fisherman and he was later murdered by his wife's brother.