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Kinnaird Head (New) Lighthouse

Kinnaird Head (New)

General Information

Established: 1787

Current Lighthouse Built: 1991

Height: 10 Metres (32.81 Feet)

Automated: 1991

Electrified: 1991

Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board

Light Information

White: 22 Nautical Miles

Just in front of the Old Kinnaird Lighthouse in Fraserburgh, which now belongs to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses stands a small automatic light tower, 10 metres in height. The lighthouse was positioned here as a replacement for the Old Lighthouse; the first to be built by the Northern Lighthouse Board.

The new light was seen as an alternative of automating the old lighthouse, which was donated to the Museum.

The white tower was built in 1991 and is one of several lighthouses along the coast of Scotland which follow this design.

The rotating Fresnel lens gives 1 flash every 5 seconds visible for 22 nautical miles and is controlled remotely from the Northern Lighthouse Board headquarters in Edinburgh.


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