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Little Samphire Island Lighthouse

Little Samphire Island

General Information

Established: 1854

Current Lighthouse Built: 1854

Height: 12 Metres (39.37 Feet)

Automated: 1954

Electrified: 1976

Light Information

Red: 13 Nautical Miles

White: 16 Nautical Miles

Green: 13 Nautical Miles

Little Samphire Island is home to a very compact light station, enclosed in a high wall around it's perimeter. The lighthouse is a 12 metre high, unpainted stone-built tower located just off of Fenit, outside of Tralee.

The station was built in 1854 and remains much the same today as it did back then. The light marks the entrance to the Tralee Bay‎ and Fenit's harbour with the exhibition of 1 white flash every 5 seconds with some areas being covered by Red and Green sectors depending on direction. The white light is visible for 16 nautical miles, whilst the red and green areas of light can only be seen for 13 nautical miles. The light was converted to un-watched automatic operation in 1954, at which point the keepers left. Electricity arrived on the island in 1976 and the light was converted to electricity at this time.

Weather dependant, Little Samphire Island is open to the public during summer months and tours can be had of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse can be seen up close from Fenit Pier, which is more of a bridge between the mainland and Fenit Island, where the harbour is located, as well as from the road to Dingle.


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