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Crookhaven Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1843

Current Lighthouse Built: 1843

Height: 14 Metres (45.93 Feet)

Automated: 1953

Electrified: 1978

Designer: George Halpin

Light Information

White: 13 Nautical Miles Between (131°) and (281°)

Red: 11 Nautical Miles Between (281°) and (340°)

Red: 11 Nautical Miles Between (281°) and (348°)

White: 13 Nautical Miles Between (348°) and (111°)

Crookhaven is a large lighthouse compound consisting of several blocks of keeper's housing - dating from various periods of the site's history and a small lighthouse designed by George Halpin, built in 1843.

The site not only provided housing for the lighthouse keepers from Crookhaven, but also for keepers whilst they were on shore-relief from the Fastnet lighthouse, which can be seen from nearby.

The white painted tower is 14 metres in height and stands at the entrance to a small inlet crookhaven harbour - it marks the passage and entrance to the harbour.

light marks the passage and entrance to crookhaven harbour. A fresnel lens, located in the lantern provides a white light with red sectors, marking the area between Alderman Rock and Streak Head - this light is shown once every 8 seconds and is exhibited with a range of 13 nautical miles for the white light and 11 for the red.

The lighthouse became fully automatic in 1953 upon conversion to acetylene and was electrified in 1978. Today the lighthouse is monitored wirelessly from the CIL offices in Dublin.

Fastnet lighthouse was automated in 1989 and the station was no longer required as a shore base, resulting in the houses being sold-off and becoming privately owned.