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St Anthony's Lighthouse

St Anthony's

General Information

Established: 1835

Current Lighthouse Built: 1835

Height: 19 Metres (62.34 Feet)

Automated: 1988

Electrified: 1954

Operator: Trinity House

Light Information

White: 22 Nautical Miles

Red: 20 Nautical Miles

The strange looking lighthouse as Saint Anthony's Point - barely changed from its original appearance - was built in 1835 to mark the entrance to Falmouth Harbour, which is the joint-third deepest natural harbour in the world and the joint-first in europe. The distinctive 22 metre high white painted lighthouse, with its two large chimneys that back the lantern, is probably best known for featuring in the introduction to the childrens television programme 'Fraggle Rock'. The lantern at the top of the tower - the roof of which is painted black; contains a large 1st Order fixed fresnel lens with flashing lamp, giving a white and red occulting light, flashing continiously day and night, giving a single 8 second 'flash' followed by a period of darkness of 7 seconds duration. As a whole, one cycle of the light is 15 seconds.

The white light shows for 22 nautical miles, whilst the red sectors, placed infront of the main navigation light, mark safe passage into the harbour by showing over the Manacles rocks - these are visible for 20 nautical miles. Before the installation of red sectors, white subsidary lights were instead used to mark seperate hazards, such as groups of rocks - on the 15th of November 1865, a fixed white light was shown from 11 metres below the main light - this probably merged with the main light a distance, which would explain the construction of a small white hut a few metres to the southeast of the lighthouse tower, which looks to have an unusually large window for such a small building. From 1903, the fixed white subsidary light was shown from this building.

This setup, which seems unusual by todays standards, was not unusual at the time and a similar fixed white subsidary light was suggested for the Lizard Lighthouse (but was never installed) - the purpose here was to mark the Manacles, before the red sectors were installed some time after 1907.

1954 saw the electrification of the station, when the huge fog bell was removed from it's gallery and was replaced with the electric horn that can be heard today; giving a 3 Second Blast Every 30 Seconds.

The bell was melted down soon after.

The keepers left the lighthouse in 1988, when the station was made fully automatic.