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Lundy North Lighthouse

Lundy North

General Information

Established: 1897

Current Lighthouse Built: 1897

Automated: 1991

Electrified: 1971

Operator: Trinity House

Designer: Sir Thomas Matthews

Light Information

White: 17 Nautical Miles

Lundy's north lighthouse was built in 1897 to replace the old lighthouse, which still stands in the middle of the island. The 17 metre high white painted tower was designed by Sir Thomas Matthews for Trinity House, similar in design to

Lynmouth Foreland, Lundy South and Pendeen. Both of the operational lighthouses on lundy island consist of two flat roofed buildings connected to a tower via short corridors built of local granite.

The current light is located on top of the old fog signal building and not inside the lantern - this renders the whole lighthouse and its two connecting houses completely unused.

The white light flashes once every 15 seconds and is visible for 17 nautical miles.

On 30 May 1906 at arount 2am a 3 year old Duncan-class Pre-dreadnought battleship named HMS Montagu ran arground on the west side of lundy island whilst returning from radio communication trials. The ship's captain believed

his ship had ran aground on hartland point, so he instructed a party to go to the lighthouse in a rowing boat. upon ariving at the lighthouse, officers sent to the lighthouse asked the lighthouse keeper to inform the British Admiralty that they

had hit hartland point, and only after a argument did the lighthouse keeper point out that he did infact know what lighthouse he lived in and kept.

Three Fog Signals have been used on lundy south, in its history - the first was a set of two trumpet shaped resonators, like those at Pendeen or Lizard, which gave 1 low note blast of 2 seconds, silence of 2 seconds, 1 high note blast of

2 seconds, repeted once, seperated by silence of 2 seconds, followed by silence of 106 seconds - this was later altered in 1909 when the trumpets were removed and replaced with a turret like the one at Longstone Lighthouse - this was given the character of 1 Long blast of 4½ seconds, a silent interval of 2 seconds. followed by a shorter blast of 1½ seconds, followed by a silent interval of 52 seconds before the cycle repeated.

Later on, probably around the 1960's a tannoy building was built infront of the old Fog Signal room. We do not know how it sounded or its character, nor when it was discontinued.

A sign on its door informs the reader that before entering, they should contact Nash Point Lighthouse (The area control center in charge of this station, after it was automated) before entering the Fog Tannoy building, which suggests that

it would have still been in operation between 1991 and 1998

Today the lighthouse and its adjoining buildings lay empty and have done since the sites automation in 1991. Through the windows you can see the steps leading up to the tower and many of the rooms of the keepers housing which other

than some cracking paint on the walls look to be in reasonable condition. The only building that is in use by trinity house today is the old fog signal building which now inactive, acts as the tower from which the small rotating light is shown


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