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Heugh Hill Lighthouse

Heugh Hill

General Information

Operator: Trinity House

Light Information

Red: 5 Nautical Miles

White: 5 Nautical Miles

Green: 5 Nautical Miles

Not much is known about the unusual skeletal tower on Heugh Hill.

The tower is 8 metres in height and is painted black. A small automatic LED lamp is held on a pole above the gallery and is powered by Solar Energy, collected by a solar pannel which is also mounted on the tower. The front of the tower has a large metal triangle attached, which is painted black. The simple tower is sited across the bay from Guille Point, on the island of Lindisfarne (An inhabited island connected to the mainland via a causeway)

On 1 November 1995, Trinity House gained the responsibility of maintaining this light and the daymarks at Guille Point, marking the entrance to the harbour.