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Crow Point Lighthouse

Crow Point

General Information

Established: 1954

Current Lighthouse Built: 1954

Height: 5 Metres (16.4 Feet)

Electrified: 1987

Operator: Trinity House

Light Information

Crow point lighthouse is a 5 metre high square, white painted metal tower with an octagonal gallery, located on the River Torridge.

The light was built in 1954; only 3 years after the demolition of the nearby Braunton Sands lighthouse which was found to be unstable.

In 1987 the current lighthouse was converted from acetylene operation to solar power, it was again modernised in 2001.

Atop the skeletal tower is a red cylindrical electronic light which flashes once every 5 seconds, visible for a range of 4 nautical miles; this is powered by 2 solar pannels, also mounted on the gallery.

A toll road from braunton leads down to the lighthouse, but parking is free. The lighthouse can not be seen until you are near, as you approach from the opposite side of some sand dunes.

From Crow point, both instow lights can be seen and photographed distantly, but all 3 lighthouses can be seen from the MS Oldenburg enroute to Lundy Island.