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Warkworth South Pier Lighthouse

Warkworth South Pier

General Information

Established: 1848

Current Lighthouse Built: 1848

Height: 9 Metres (29.53 Feet)

Light Information

Red: Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

Warkworth's South Pier light is a simple metal tubular tower, upon a concrete base.

Exact dates and information on this aid to navigation are vague but what is known is that the structure was erected in 1848 and is responsible for marking the southernmost wall of the entrance to amble's harbour and the River Coquet. Originally the tower had a simple lantern enclosure, just big enough for a small light, perched above the gallery, however, this was removed at some point and was replaced with a simple electronic light, housed in a plastic cover.

Today the tower is 9 metres in height and is painted white with 3 red bands.

Sometime after 1900, the pier was lengthened and the Lighthouse was moved, remaining connected to the rest of the pier via a bridge-like structure, which is also presumably a later addition.

The light gives a red flash every 90 seconds.

A completely different style of light tower was erected on the opposite breakwater but was eventually demolished around 2010, due to the pier becoming unstable.