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Tynemouth South Pier Lighthouse

Tynemouth South Pier

General Information

Established: 1895

Current Lighthouse Built: 1895

Height: 12 Metres (39.37 Feet)

Operator: Port of Tyne

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Red: Nautical Miles

Green: Nautical Miles

The area immediately around the entrance to the river Tyne is rather appropriately known at Tynemouth and with the tyne's large exports of ships and coal, the River's mouth was in need of protection.

Two piers were started in 1854 but took over 40 years to complete due to adverse weather conditions amongst other setbacks. The two breakwaters were completed with two very similar lighthouses; one on each pier's mole/end. The lighthouse on the North Breakwater was destroyed by storms along with much of the rest of the pier; this was consequently replaced by a larger and more elaborate tower built by Trinity House.

The south breakwater light, which is the oldest of the two harbout entrance lights, was built finished in 1895 and is only 12 meters in height and has a lantern painted half red and half white. The light is surrounded by coloured glass that provides green and red sectors, as well as white areas of safe passage. The light operates at night and in the daytime if a vessel is due and gives a 8 second flash with a 2 second period of darkness.

The gallery supports a fog bell which is struck once every 10 seconds in lowered visibility.

The tower can be reached only on foot, along the long breakwater wall, which is only advisable in good weather, as it is not unheard of for waves to tower over the structure.

From here, at least 8 other lighthouses are visible, these are; Blyth, St. Mary's, Tynemouth's north pier light, Souter point, Herd Groyne and the 3 lighthouses at south-shields.