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The Heugh Lighthouse

The Heugh

General Information

Established: 1847

Current Lighthouse Built: 1927

Automated: 1927

Electrified: 1927

Operator: PD Teesport

Light Information

The prefabricated lighthouse on 'The Heugh' (Pronounced 'yuff', meaning hill), sometimes known as Hartlepool Headland is a simple steel tower designed to be easily taken down incase of the outbreak of war.

The tower was built for this reason as the previous light on this site and its temporary wooden replacement on the town moor had been removed so that a gun battery could be built - should this ever had to have been used, the lighthouse would could have been as a navigation point for enemy vessels.

This tower was built in 1927 by Trinity House - it is a white painted 16.5 metre high tower, housing a white light which flashes once every 10 seconds. The building surrounding the tower are also painted white and blue - the colours of HM Coastguard, who own the radio tower and old nautophone fog horn building, which gave a 3 second blast followed by 3 seconds of silence, repeated, followed by a third 3 second blast - this was followed by a period of silence lasting for 45 seconds, when the cycle would restart. We are not sure when this fog horn was discontinued, but it appears to have been out of action for quite a while.

The light is now monitered at maintained by PD Teesport


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