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Sunderland Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1856

Current Lighthouse Built: 1856

Height: 15 Metres (49.21 Feet)

Operator: City of Sunderland

Designer: Thomas Meik

Light Information

The 15 metre high Sunderland South Breakwater Lighthouse was designed by Thomas Meik and was constructed in 1856 to protect the growing port. The tower originally shone three lights; one from it's main lantern, one from a smaller semi-circular window and one from a normal flat window at the base of the tower. The back of the main lantern has a small circular window allowing for the Light's operator to check that the Light is lit and functioning properly, even from a distance - this is also the case for the two lower windows. The character and colour of these lights is unknown although it is likely that the main light was either White or Red and the two lower lights gave indication to enter the port.

The Lighthouse was removed in 1983 to allow for improvements to the South Breakwater, involving some of the wall being shortened. Following the removal of the Lighthouse, the tower was re-built in Roker Cliff Park, which overlooks the seawall on which it was built, as well as the much larger and more impressive Roker Lighthouse. Today the upkeep of the tower is managed by City of Sunderland council.