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St Ives New Lighthouse

St Ives New

General Information

Established: 1831

Current Lighthouse Built: 1890

Height: 10.5 Metres (34.45 Feet)

Operator: Cornwall Council

Light Information

The small white Lighthouse at the end of Smeatons Pier in St. Ives was built in 1890 to replace the older light, following the extension of the pier, which left the older lighthouse in the center, rather than at the end.

The new 9 meter high tower is an octagonal structure made of cast iron and is built to a prefabricated design similar, of which only 2 others copys exist in Britain; 6 years after the Lighthouse was erected in St. Ives, an identical tower was built in Mevagissey and a similar lighthouse was also built on Peel Breakwater, on the isle of man, presumably around the same time, although that light has recently had it's gallery removed, so is not instantly recognisable.

The tower is painted white with a black base similar to the pattern on the two other towers that were built to this design. Penzance lighthouse and several other small harbour lights around the country also have this daymark.

The Lighthouse at St Ives shows two green lights; one from the lantern and one from about half way down the front of the tower. These lights are shown from an old fasioned ship's lanterns and decorative christmas lights are often hung from the gallery of the Lighthouse.