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South Foreland Low Lighthouse

South Foreland Low

General Information

Established: 1793

Current Lighthouse Built: 1793

Operator: Private Residence

Light Information

White: 26 Nautical Miles

The low light at South Foreland was built in 1793 along with the high light, which was Redesigned by James Walker in 1843. Now nearly derelict, the low light was in nearly continuous service for approximately 111 years before being decomissioned, when the revolving lens in the high lighthouse made it redundant. Soon enough, the lighthouse was sold off to private owners who demolished the keepers houses and allowed the tower to fall apart and the lantern to rust.

Today the lighthouse is still in private hands and is not accessible by the public, but it can be seen from some areas of the cliffs in front of the high lighthouse and from the top of the high light's gallery.