Worldwide Lighthouses

Seahouses Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1900

Current Lighthouse Built: 1900

Height: 8 Metres (26.25 Feet)

Operator: North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners

Light Information

Green: Nautical Miles

Red: Nautical Miles

Seahouses' unusually styled lighthouse marks the north-westernmost breakwater that protects the small town's harbour.

The Lighthouse was built in 1900, but the pier presumably pre-dates this. The simple octagonal tower - unlike any other in the country in looks - is only 8 metres tall, but houses two lights on seperate floors; both are shown from the front of the tower through small square windows. The light at the top of the tower is green and the lower light is red; this is probably an indication to the mariners as to when it is safe to enter the harbour. These lights remain fixed and do not flash.

A simple air powered fog horn is mounted on the front of the tower and sounds in times of low visibilty. A sign attached to the structure reads "Harbour speed limit 3 KNOTS all vessels"

Another unusual feature of this tower is it's stand-alone weather vane, which is on a mast next to the tower, rather than on it's roof, although there is evidence of a weather vane originally being located on the domed roof itself.

The pier is open to the public and can be walked with ease; the wall opposite is marked by a simple tripod structure.