Worldwide Lighthouses

Seaham Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1905

Current Lighthouse Built: 1905

Height: 10 Metres (32.81 Feet)

Operator: Seaham Harbour Authority

Light Information

Green: Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

Seaham's Lighthouse was built in 1905 to mark the town's north breakwater. The cylindrical metal tower is painted in an alternating black and white pattern and is 10 meters in height.

A green light is shown from the glazed lantern at the top of the tower, which gives a single flash every 10 seconds or in bad weather shows a fixed green light. The tower also holds a Fog Horn which gives a blast every 30 seconds in periods of low viability.

Originally the lantern was surrounded by a gallery with railings, although this was removed in the 1960s. along with the pier's other railings; none of which have ever been replaced.

The south breakwater which is very similar in design is marked by a simple red painted light pole.