Worldwide Lighthouses

Roker Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1903

Current Lighthouse Built: 1903

Height: 23 Metres (75.46 Feet)

Operator: Port of Sunderland

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Roker Pier Lighthouse was built in 1903 on the North Pier of Sunderland Harbour. The impressive wave-washed tower is built from different types of granite, making the tower sturdy and durable aswell as giving it a alternating pattern of what appears as red and white bands. The tower was at the time described as one of the brightest and most powerful lights in the world, rivalling nearby Souter Lighthouse which had been able to claim this title about 32 years earlier, with the introduction of the worlds first electric light to be installed in a Lighthouse.

The impressive tower is 23 metres in height and has a large lantern that is painted white with a black domed roof; this shows a white flash every 5 seconds, whilst a fixed white light is shown further down the tower, through a small landward-facing window.

A siren fog signal is mounted on the tower's gallery and gives a blast every 20 seconds.

In January 2012 the tower fell victim to vandals who broke in to steal 35 meters of ornimental brass handrail, whilst the tower was undergoing restoration work. The thief was never caught and it is presumed that the rail was cut up and sold for scrap.