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Portishead Point Lighthouse

Portishead Point

General Information

Established: 1931

Current Lighthouse Built: 1931

Height: 9 Metres (29.53 Feet)

Operator: Bristol Port Company

Light Information

White: 16 Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

The lighthouse on Portishead Point in the servern estuary is an unusual black pyramid shaped structure atop a square concrete base. The unusual tower, unique in design, was built by 'Chance Brothers', near birmingham - it would likely have been pre-fabricated at their factory ready for assembly on site. The tower dates from 1931, is 9 metres in height and is accessed by an elevated walkway supported by concrete pillars.

Recently due to financial restraints, the tower has not been painted and the metal has rusted and the tower has deteriorated so much that the Bristol Port Company is concerned about it's strength and is discussing plans to replace the tower, despite local opposition.

Originally a Fog Bell was hung from the corner of the tower but has been removed due to concerns of whether the structure could still handle it's weight - it is now in storage somewhere in Bristol.

The locals are campaigning for the bell to be put back on site as well as for the tower to be restored somewhat, being an important surviving example of a unique Chance Brothers design.

The White light, mounted on the square gallery at the top of the tower gives 3 quick Flashes every 10 seconds and is visible for 16 nautical miles.