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Perch Rock Lighthouse

Perch Rock

General Information

Established: 1683

Current Lighthouse Built: 1830

Height: 28.5 Metres (93.5 Feet)

Light Information

Perch Rock lighthouse is a wave washed tower similar in design to John Smeaton's Eddystone lighthouse - it stands off of New Brighton on the opposite side of the River Mersey to Liverpool and is one of the area's most well known landmarks. The rock, known locally as Black Rock or Perch Rock gets its name from a Perch; a tripod structure which held a fire as an early form of beacon to mark the rock. The problem with this kind of light was that it was not very strong and was in constant need of repair or replacement, so the current lighthouse was built in 1830. The light marked the approach for liverpool-bound shipping such as the great White Star Line or Qunard liners that the city of Liverpool was famous for.

The iconic structure is a 28.5 meter high tapering tower which is built of local stone stands just behind the historic Perch Rock Fort; a napolionic defence guarding the River's mouth.

The lighthouse was withdrawn from service in october 1973 due to advances in navigation technology that rendered the lighthouse surplus. The lighting aparatus was removed and a fog bell that originally hung from the tower was presumably removed around the same time, although the bracket from which it hung still remains, as do many features that have been removed from most other Lighthouses. The whole tower was restored and painted in 2001 with millenium project funding; this included the placement of a decorative LED light inside the tower, which flashes morse code messages including the names of all who lost their lives in the titanic tragedy.


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