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Northfleet Low Lighthouse

Northfleet Low

General Information

Established: 1859

Current Lighthouse Built: 1883

Height: 16 Metres (52.49 Feet)

Electrified: 1975

Operator: Port of London Authority

Light Information

White: 6 Nautical Miles

Red: Nautical Miles

Northfleet's Lower Lighthouse; The first location that Trinity House decided to place a lighthouse at on the Thames (Not including the experimental Lighthouses constructed earlier at Purfleet and Trinity Buoy Wharf, which were not used for navigational purposes), stands on what was formerly the Lafarge Cement UK Ltd jetty, also known as India Arms Wharf.

The current Lighthouse dates back to 1883 and is an ornate red painted steel lattice tower, standing 16 metres in height; it has 3 equipment platforms (Not including the Gallery)

The Lighthouse shows a white Light with red sectors, from windows around the front of the lantern, giving an occulting Light every 10 seconds, which is visible for 6 miles.

The Light was converted to Electric Operation in 1975 and before that ran on 'town gas' (gas generated by burning coal) for a short time, but despite this, the sun valve which originally turned the Acetylene gas supply off during the day, still remains on back of the lantern.

It is not certain whether this Lighthouse is still active, and it can be Difficult to reach, as most of the access to nearby viewing points is blocked off, since the demolition of the Lafarge Cement UK Ltd factory, which occupied the site.

The lighthouse can only be viewed well from 'The Shore' road.