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Newlyn South Pier Lighthouse

Newlyn South Pier

General Information

Established: 1914

Current Lighthouse Built: 1914

Height: 10 Metres (32.81 Feet)

Operator: Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commission

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

Newlyn Harbour is a small village just west of Penzance, which is notable for being home to Britains largest Fishing Fleet.

The harbour is protected by two relitavely large stone walls which many of the larger fishing vessels of the fleet are moored up against. Each of the two walls is marked by a light - the South Wall is home to a small red and white metal tower complete with lantern and gallery, whilst the northern wall, which is the longest of the two, is marked by a simple green lamp post style light.

The Lighthouse was built in 1914 to mark the harbour's entrance and is roughly 10 metres in height, tapering as it rises. The enclosed circular lantern -which is surrounded by a gallery- exhibits a white light, once every 5 seconds.

The light is fully automatic and now runs on electricity; today it is managed by the Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commission, who maintain the tower and its light.