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Leasowe Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 1763

Current Lighthouse Built: 1763

Operator: Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse

Light Information

Leaswoe Lighthouse was built in 1763 and originally one of a pair of lights that were to be alligned to mark safe passage past the wirral and into Liverpool. The white tower, which is Britains oldest brick-built lighthouse, worked for most of its operational life in conjunction with the tower on Bidston Hill as its original matching front range light (or low light) collapsed within just a few years of being built, due to storm damage.

The white painted structure is 33.5 metres in height and has arched windows on every floor to the top of the tower. The keepers originally lived in a house next to the tower but there was additional living area inside the tower, although the keeper's house has been demolished since the light was extinguished in 1908. The light at the top was housed in a brick room with small rectangular wooden framed windows instead of being in a more traditional glass lantern-room; this means that the gallery around the light only needed to curve around half of the tower.

Following deactivation, the tower was allowed to fall into a derelict state but was bought and restored by a community run organisation called 'The friends of Leasowe Lighthouse'

The tower is often open to the public and can be climbed to the top for a fee.