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Killingholme High Lighthouse

Killingholme High

General Information

Current Lighthouse Built: 1876

Height: 24 Metres (78.74 Feet)

Operator: Port of Grimsby and Immingham

Light Information

The large red-painted lighthouse tower at Killingholme is the most distinctive and easiest to see from a distance inland as well as from the other side, where the 3 towers are just visible from Thorngumbald range-lights. This large structure is known as the 'high light' or 'rear range', as it marks safe passage in the river when aligned with one of the other two towers in this area.

The three matching towers at Killingholme were all built within 20 or so years of each other, to compliment the similar light on the other side of the river at Paull; they helped guide vessels up and down the river and were arranged in an unusual system of 3 towers being used as range lights - one east and one west of the central 'higher light', however the furthest east lying light is known as the 'South Low light' and the tower at the west end of the site (now a private residence) is referred to as the 'North Low light'.

Today, only the South Low light and High light remain in service and work in conjunction to guide vessels up the River Humber, which is lined with large oil terminals and container ports nearer the city of Hull.

The rear range or 'high light' is 24 meter high brick-built tower and is covered in red painted stucco, which has mostly peeled off over the years. This tower was built in 1876 and currently exhibits a fixed white light, utilising Projector Technology rather than more traditional light sources, but this allows the show its fixed white light in a very precise area, which can easily be adjusted by moving or blocking off some of the light; it also means that large glass lenses are not required. This set-up is slightly unusual in that the lower light uses both a completely different light source, in the form of simple flashing bulb lights in a Sealed Beam Unit, and its light is red, in complete contrast to that of its counterpart.

All three lighthouses can be viewed by driving up Station Road, just off of Rosper Road, South Killingholme.


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