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Killingholme (North) Low Lighthouse

Killingholme (North) Low

General Information

Current Lighthouse Built: 1852

Height: 14 Metres (45.93 Feet)

Operator: Private Residence

Light Information

Killingholme's North low lighthouse is one of three lighthouses in the nearby area, which once directed river traffic both north and south on the river.

Of the three towers, the North low light is the only inactive one, and when aligned with the red-painted higher light (or rear range light), would have marked safe passage down-stream, out towards the North Sea.

The north low light was built in 1852 and is the second oldest of the three lighthouses on the site.

Just down River from here was another set of lights similar to those at Thorngumbald; they stood in an area called Newsham Booth, on a wooden-built pier, which the lights could be moved along to adjust their alignment; These lights were often referred to in the deployment of buoys in the area, within notices to mariners, but little else is known about them. It is almost impossible to reach or even locate the definite location of Newsham Booth through mass industrial developments and it is with fair certainty that nothing remains of these lights.

It is said that the North Low light became inactive after a keeper's wife fell down the stairs resulting in her death, although it is hard to confirm the story as many of the records for lighthouses in this area were burned or otherwise destroyed. The Newsham Booth range lights are a more likely example of why the north low light was discontinued; it is possible that the range was just in need of re-alignment and so new movable structures were built here as a replacement, as they marked the same course, down river.

All three Killingholme lighthouses can be viewed by driving up Station Road, just off of Rosper Road, South Killingholme - 2 of the lighthouses are located on a sewage plant whilst the North Low light is a private house and remains mostly intact, with original chimneys and dwellings.


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