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Instow High Lighthouse

Instow High

General Information

Height: 8.5 Metres (27.89 Feet)

Operator: Port of Bideford

Light Information

Instow's high light is a simple 18 metre high metal tower, further elevated by a steep hill, making up a pair of 'range lights' or 'leading lights' marking save passage into the river taw when properly aligned. The tower was presumably built along with the Lighthouse at crow point in the 1950s and is of a simple latice construction, although it replaced an earlier wooden tower which also formed one of a pair of lights.

A white slatted daymark is attatched to the front of the tower, and two light are mounted on the top, surrounded by a simple square gallery - one is a standby light and one is the main light, which remains in use throughout the day and night.

The white occulting light goes out once every 7.5 seconds, for a duration of 2.5 seconds.

This light tower, as well as the low light can be seen well from MS. Oldenburg (The cargo vessel/ferry to lundy island) and the crow point light can also be seen nearby.