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Hartland Point Lighthouse

Hartland Point

General Information

Established: 1874

Current Lighthouse Built: 1874

Automated: 1984

Electrified: 1927

Operator: Private Residence

Designer: Sir James Douglass

Light Information

White: 25 Nautical Miles

Hartland Point is a rocky outcrop of land sticking out into the bristol channel on the north coast of Devon.

The Lighthouse at the end of Hartland Point is one of 3 marking the area of sea between the mainland and lundy island (The other 2 being Bull Point and Lundy's South light)

The lighthouse was built in 1874 to the design of Sir James Douglas - the original station has not been altered much in apearance since its construction, other than the demolition of a much larger area of keepers housing, most of which was demolished in 1984, when the light was automated, to provide room for the construction of a helipad. - it is now a Grade II Listed building, but it is likely it will fall into the sea due to the constant erosion of the headland.

The white light flashes 6 times every fifteen seconds, visible for 25 Nautical Miles, day and night. The fog signal, which gave one five-second blast every minute was discontinued in 2010

For several years, the lighthouse was also earmarked for decomissioning or replacement, which occured in 2011. The building was quickly put up for sale and has now been sold to a private owner.


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