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Dovercourt High Lighthouse

Dovercourt High

General Information

Established: 1863

Current Lighthouse Built: 1863

Height: 14 Metres (45.93 Feet)

Operator: Harwich Town Council

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles

The 'High Lighthouse' on Dovercourt's shore was built in 1863 as one of a pair after the two Lighthouses at Harwich, which worked on a similar principal of being aligned by the mariner to mark safe passage had become inacurate and dangerously misleading.

The two iron towers were built by Trinity House to aid navigation into the River Orwell on which the busy ports of Felixtowe and Harwich are located.

The impressive 6 Legged tower is painted black and is 14 metres in height. The light, which shone from an enclosed lantern similar to those installed on Lighthouses designed by James Walker, exhibited a fixed white, marking safe passage into the ports of Harwich and Felixstowe until 1917, at which point both Lighthouses were discontinued.

After being extinguished, both of the Dovercourt Lighthouses fell into disrepair and were only restored in 1988. Tony O'Neil was given a lease to open the Lighthouse to the public, including a camera to show the inside of the Low Lighthouse, which can not be reached safely on foot due to the poor state of the narrow causeway, although this is yet to happen.