Worldwide Lighthouses

Dover Breakwater West Lighthouse

Dover Breakwater West

General Information

Established: 1909

Current Lighthouse Built: 1909

Height: 21 Metres (68.9 Feet)

Operator: Dover Harbour Board

Light Information

Red: 18 Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

Dover's main breakwater was built in 1904 and is detached from the land.

To mark the breakwater's western end and the western-most entrance to the harbour, a prefabricated lighthouse was constructed in 1909.

The tower was most likely produced by the large birmingham based lighthouse manufacturing firm 'Chance Brothers', as we know it was a standardised design as several other lighthouses around the world (one of which being Peterhead Breakwater in Scotland) are almost identical in design (Although many do not retain their original lantern rooms). The red light housed in the tower shows for 27 seconds before being dimmed for 3 seconds, giving an occulting light every 30 seconds. The seaward side of the tower has black writing painted onto the otherwise white background, which reads:








LIGHTHOUSE' - this message is floodlit at night.

The lighthouse, which is inaccessible can be seen well from the land but the closest views can be obtained by walking the Prince of Wales Pier which is also marked by a small Lighthouse.