Worldwide Lighthouses

Dover Breakwater Knuckle Lighthouse

Dover Breakwater Knuckle

General Information

Established: 1909

Current Lighthouse Built: 1909

Height: 16 Metres (52.49 Feet)

Operator: Dover Harbour Board

Light Information

White: 6 Nautical Miles

Red: 6 Nautical Miles

The short tower on the knuckle (bend) of Dover's main breakwater is a small 16 metre high tower mounted upon a rectangular service-building.

The Lighthouse was most likely produced by the large birmingham based lighthouse manufacturing firm 'Chance Brothers', as we know it was a standardised design as was the matching light-tower at the western end of the wall. Other lighthouses of this design can be seen around the world but many lack their original lanterns.

This Light is by far the most difficult light to view from anywhere in the harbour and is best seen from a ferry leaving or entering the port, although it is still fairly distant as it does not mark the entrance to the port. It can also be seen very distantly from the Prince of Wales Pier and the cliffs around Dover Castle, right across the harbour.