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Dover Admiralty Pier Lighthouse

Dover Admiralty Pier

General Information

Established: 1842

Current Lighthouse Built: 1908

Height: 22 Metres (72.18 Feet)

Operator: Dover Harbour Board

Light Information

White: 20 Nautical Miles

The lighthouse on Dover's Admirality Pier was built in 1908 when the breakwater was extended to form one of the main outer walls of the thriving port.

The 21 metre high tower is painted white and is a 6 legged skeletal structure, built around an enclosed stair case in the centre.

The tower is topped with a lantern and gallery and houses a large fresnel lens, which rotates and gives a single flash once every 7.5 seconds, visible for 20 nautical miles.

Together with the lighthouse on the west end of the outer breakwater, it marks the western entrance to the Port of Dover, which since the last departure of the Cross-Channel Hovercraft in 2000, is the least used entrance, as the larger ferries tend to dock at the other end of the port.

Admiralty Pier is open to the public for a small fee, although the Light can be seen very well from the free-to-walk Prince of Wales pier, which is also marked by a Lighthouse.