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Cross Ness Lighthouse

Cross Ness

General Information

Established: 1895

Current Lighthouse Built: 1895

Operator: Port of London Authority

Light Information

White: Nautical Miles Between (0°) and (360°)

Cross Ness Lighthouse was established in 1895 to mark a bend in the river Thames; once a busy trade route, giving access to the thriving Port of London which has since almost dissapeared. Originally operated by Trinity House, the light was handed over to the Port of London Authority at some point, and it remains in their ownership.

The tall latice tower is built to a commonly used design seen at almost all of the automatic light stations along the River Thames, outside of London. The top half of the structure is painted Black but is otherwise Red. At the top of the tower are two small gallery platforms that give access to the Lantern, which is fully automatic and does not require refuelling, having been converted to electric operation. The modern lamp has a range of 8 nautical miles.

The tower which was once built upon a fairly empty, baron and inaccessible landscape at the edge of the isolated 'Plumstead Marshes', the light is now surrounded by a modern housing estate and can be reached easily.