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Coldharbour point Lighthouse

Coldharbour point

General Information

Established: 1885

Current Lighthouse Built: 1885

Height: 12 Metres (39.37 Feet)

Operator: Port of London Authority

Light Information

White: 3 Nautical Miles

The 4 legged, 12 metre high metal tower at coldharbour point was built in 1885 to a standard design that is almost identical to many of the other lighthouses on the thames, although it is the least altered one, retaining the casing of it's original light.

The top of the tower originally carried a small fresnel lens, mounted inside a buoy-lamp casing, although it was removed sometime in 2011.

The skeletal tower is painted red with one black band around the top, for identification within the day.

The flashing light is visible for 3 nautical miles and was built to be automatic by Trinity House, although it is now operated by the Port of London Authority.