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Brixham Breakwater Lighthouse

Brixham Breakwater

General Information

Established: 1878

Current Lighthouse Built: 1916

Operator: Tor Bay Harbour Marine Services

Light Information

Red: 18 Nautical Miles

Brixham's Victoria breakwater stretches half a mile out into tor bay, protecting the large fishing harbour and is marked by a 9 metre high cast iron lighthouse at its extremity. The tower is painted white and has a lantern, gallery and is accessed via a small door on its side.

Shown from the small domed lantern-room is a red occulting light which goes out once every 15 seconds, for a duration of 3 seconds.

Next to the main red light is a quick flashing orange light, which distinguishes the red light from the lights in the town. The red light it is visible for 18 Nautical Miles.