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Blacknore Point Lighthouse

Blacknore Point

General Information

Established: 1849

Current Lighthouse Built: 1849

Height: 11 Metres (36.09 Feet)

Operator: Blacknore Lighthouse Trust

Designer: Sir Thomas Matthews

Light Information

White: 15 Nautical Miles

The lighthouse on Blacknore Point in the servern estuary is a 11 metre white prefabricated metal tower with a black trim and ladder. The lighthouse was built for Trinity House, who operated it for all of its working life. The prefabricated tower was designed by sir thomas matthews and is similar to some of his other lights.

The light was lit in 1849 and was the first lighthouse on Portishead, so was often refered to as portishead lighthouse, however in 1931 a light tower was built at portishead point, only a short distance away, withing viewing distance, so some confusion was caused between the naming of the two lights; since then this lighthouse has since been known as Blacknore Point lighthouse.

The Ashford family, who lived on a farm just down the footpath from the lighthouse rewound the lighthouse clockwork and refuled its lamp every day to ensure its reliable operation, but so the light had to be made semi-automatic during the war so that it could be turned off immediately incase of the possibility of it aiding enemy ships in the channel. A switch was installed in the farm house, which turned the electric light on and off immediately.

The 4th Order 250 MM biform Lens (Two lenses stacked together to give a greater light in lower visability) is thought to be the smallest operational biform lens in the world - It gave two flashes every 10 seconds, visible for 15 Nautical Miles.

The Light was discontinued at 12:00 noon on 27th September 2010 and its lens was removed.

In 2010, after the light's discontinuation, Fedden Village set up the Blacknore Lighthouse Trust, who argued that "It is important that the structure stays where it is and, if need be, the local community should establish a trust to keep the appearance of the light." In 2012 they recieved ownership of the tower and saved it from demolition - their plan is to maintain it in the same condition as when it was operatinal.


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