Worldwide Lighthouses

Beaulieu Lighthouse


General Information

Established: 2000

Current Lighthouse Built: 2000

Automated: 2000

Electrified: 2000

Operator: Brian Turner

Light Information

Green: Nautical Miles Between (321°) and (331°)

White: Nautical Miles Between (331°) and (337°)

Red: Nautical Miles Between (337°) and (347°)

The lighthouse at Beaulieu was built to the design of Brian Turner.

Built in 2000 at a cost of £35,000, to mark a safe passage in the solent between the main land and isle of white, aswell as to mark the new millennium, the unusual 7.6 Metre high tower is painted wight and has a stone base.

A simple electronic Tideland ML 300 TF3b light, which is housed inside the lantern gives a Red, White and Green light, occulting once every 4 seconds.

The light is located at lepe and it easily viewed from the road. Parking in the area is pay and display, although you can park at the side of the road in some places for free.